Shipments will be made through the company Correos using the certified shipping method. We will provide you with a tracking number once the order has been shipped, which you will be able to follow from this link.


0-100g 101-500g 501-1000g
$7.20 (approx.)
$8.30 (approx.)
$12.00 (approx.)

Europe and Greenland

0-50g 51-100g 101-500g
$8.30 (approx.)
$9.50 (approx.)
$14.25 (approx.)

Other countries

0-50g 51-100g 101-500g
$9.50 (approx.)
$11.90 (approx.)
$19.00 (approx.)

Shipping time

  • Spain: 3 to 5 working days
    Europe: 1 to 6 weeks
    Other countries: 2 to 8 weeks
    Due to the current situation shipping times may be affected.