Patterns Abbreviations

Abreviaturas para tejer

I have created this page with patterns abbreviations to help you crochet your amigurumis., in English (also in Spanish) so you won’t have any problem to follow all the steps.

In the first column I show you the abbreviation and in the second column what it means to make your work easier.

If you have doubts or there is any abbreviation that does not appear in the table, please let me know so I can add it to the page. You can do it from this link and I will answer you as soon as possible.



AMAnillo MágicoMRMagic Ring
pePunto EnanossSlip Stitch
pbPunto BajoscSingle Crochet
mpaMedio Punto AltohdcHalf Double Crochet
paPunto AltodcDouble Crochet
dpaDoble Punto AltotrTriple Crochet
aummpaAumento Medio Punto AltoinchdcIncrease Half Double Crochet
aumpaAumento Punto AltoincdcIncrease Double Crochet
dismmpaDisminución Medio Punto AltodechdcDecrease Half Double Crochet
dismpaDisminución Punto AltodecdcDecrease Double Crochet
SHTSolo Hebra TraseraBLOBack Loop Only
SHDSolo Hebra DelanteraFLOFront Loop Only

I hope you find these pattern abbreviations helpful. Remember that in this same website you have free patterns and premium patterns to continue crocheting your amigurumis and increase your collection. ❤